Roberto Clemente (My Hero)

Today I want to tell you about my hero, Roberto Clemente. maybe most of you don’t know about him, so let me concede you.

Roberto Clemente grew up in the unprosperous country of Puerto Rico, and as a child there he had very little. However Roberto didn’t have “little’ dreams. He had always wanted to join the MLB. At first he was declined because of his race and color. But this didn’t stop him, not at all!

He believed God would get him through his troubles and guide him. And he was right because he later was accepted into the MLB because the board finally recognized his talents.

But Roberto never forgot his friends and family who had helped him along the way. He decided to donate his wealth to the less fortunate. For years he gave money to those in need.

However, on a trip to Nicaragua delivering supplies to the poor his plane crashed, killing everyone on the plane. Roberto Clemente died on December 31st,1972.
Roberto gave so much to those who had so little. One day I hope to be just like him.

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