5th grade

3 things I learned: My states and capitals, How to add videos to my blog, and how to write an essay.

3 things I struggled with: My states and capitals, algebra, and Summarizing.

3 things that surprised me: we didn’t get to sit at the top at lunch, we got to play on devices in gym, we got to do experiments in science.

3 things that disappointed me: We got a short recess, we don’t get to sit at the top, we have shorter enhancments.

The Civil War

What I thought was interesting about the civil war was actually two things. For One, every time a soldier died, it was an American! We were basicly fighting with ourselves in a way. We were fighting with our brothers. Second, I thought it was cool that this was the first year we used modern technology for battles. Like the Gatling gun And Iron Clad Ships. We used torpedoes and missiles, Trains for carrying supplies, and Submarines too. I thought the civil war was really interesting in many ways.



The Old Grandfather Clock

As I gently crept down the stairs

I couldn’t help but look to the right,

And as every single haunting day

What I saw gave me a fright.


The Old Grandfather Clock

Was staring directly at me,

But this was no ordinary clock

It seemed as though it could see.


As I walked across the dark room

The eyes would slowly follow,

My body would start to quake and shiver

And it took all of my strength to swallow.


“BOOM”! cried the bell

From inside its chest,

To strike the sound of midnight

And this night was certainly not the best.


The clock had not worked for years

But it did on this very cold hour,

I guess I will never know the secrets

of the clock or its hidden power.


Basketball 2013

Wow! Our basketball team is going to state AGAIN!!! I hope we can protect our title of STATE CHAMPIONS. Last year we did it, so we can do it again! I BELIVE! Right guys? Well we are rooting for yall up there and we hope you win Levi and Kris!


Do you ever wonder how Valentines got its name? Well let me tell you. Of course, this is just a guess, Once way back in roman days, there was a emperor named Claudius.  He felt that his soldiers were week, because they had to worry about family. So, he outlawed weddings and marring. Well there was also a man named  St.Valentine who was a famous priest. He heard the law and decided to hold secret marriges. When his plot was later discovered, he was put to death. And of course the law was later changed. I got this from History.com.